Amanda's Skin Journey

As a young 21 year started out in the skin industry, I developed a severe case of acne. It left me feeling self conscience and lack self esteem. After a lot of trial and error of using different products and treatments, I had a slight improvement in my skin but the acne was still there. That's when I turned to looking at it holistically. When I looked at the health of my gut and started healing it was when I started to see a change in my skin.

15 years later I can honestly say I have never had my acne come back, and that is where my passion for combining skin treatments and nutrition began.

At the age of 21 this is what my skin looked like, acne all though my jaw, cheeks and forehead. I would describe my face back then as lumpy and bumpy with a dull look to it. The worst thing I did was try and cover it with makeup, which only accentuated the issue.

This is no doubt absolutely worst photo I have ever taken of my skin. From the moment I looked at this photo was when my skin journey started. I just didn't know where to start.

amanda bailey acne for surgery

My skin was a lumpy mess, affecting my self-cnfidence

When my acne started to develop I just started working at a skin clinic. My work colleagues at the time were trying different treatments such as peels, micro and IPL. Along with skin treatments I was trying a lot of different products that seemed to make a subtle change. The photos below are photos before IPL or Intense Pulse Light and immediately after IPL. The idea for IPL was to help with the bacteria and redness. IPL isn't used a lot these days for acne but at the time this is was available.

When I looked at my gut health, that was when my skin started to improve

After doing treatment after treatment and consistently using homecare products, the acne was still not completely clearing. Around this time was when I started my Bachelor of Health Science Degree, which gave me an understanding of skin.

Though my studies I learnt that skin conditions like acne can be triggered by a multiple of things. This is what led me to look internal and start investigating into gut health and the link between skin and gut.

What I was also beginning to understand was my constant bloating and constipation was contributing to my acne. This was creating inflammation in my gut and as a result toxins not being eliminated. In addition, I wasn't absorbing nutrients which resulted in deficiency of key nutrients.

Good Nutrition = Great Skin

As soon as I started looking internally at the health of my gut, was when my acne starting to respond to treatments and products. It wasn't overnight but it didn't take long to see my skin clearing completely. The process of healing my gut took time, I had to eliminate foods that were causing inflammation and stomach bloating, as well as restore the gut microbiota.

The photos below are what my skin looks like today, completely healed. I can honestly say that I have never had acne come back.

Great Skin is Achievable

I truly believe that great skin is achievable! With the right products, treatments and good nutrition. If our gut microbiota isn't happy than our skin is going to reflect this. To find out more on gut health head over to Restore Nutrition.

Lastly, if you have been experiencing acne or just feeling unhappy with how your skin looks, then let me encourage you. You can have radiant glowing, clear skin - I'm a walking advertisement.

Amanda Bailey

BHlthSc (Dermal Therapies), MHNut (Human Nutrition)

Amanda is a Dermal Clinician with a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. She has 15 years experience in the skin, and aesthetic industry, and is very passionate about skin health, acne, and digestive health. In 2019, she completed her Masters in Human Nutrition as she believes that healthy skin starts from within.

Having battled with acne in her 20's which left her with acne scarring, she knows how this can affect self-esteem and the frustration of not seeing results. This has been the driving force to focus on acne scarring and restoring skin.

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